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When Lammie spends the day with her Mommy and Daddy, she discovers how wonderful it is to share the gift of giving!  EVERY BLESSING COMES FROM YOU when you give what is in your heart to others!


YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE... Celebrates the differences that we all have and reinforces and affirms the unique gifts, talents, and treasures we all possess.  It is a fun interesting discover​y about fingerprints, special identity,  and why we celebrate YOUR BIRTHDAY!

LEARNING EDITION!!!  YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE....This edition includes Vocabulary, Questions, Discussion Points and Interactive materal for Teachers, Leaders, Educators and Preschools, Home Schools, and Sunday Schools. It is a fun and interesting discovery about fingerprints, special identity, and why we celebrate YOUR BIRTHDAY!!

Join Finny as he plays in the sea and meets a special new friend! Together they find the value and treasures we all possess on the inside and THE TREASURE WITHIN!

TANKFUL OF THANKFUL Join in the excitement as Maximilian discovers how THANKFUL he is for all the blessings in his  life!  Have fun counting how many Thankful's Maxi discovers in this exciting new series!

Sasha and Prince Penguin are two brothers who have fun and excitement everyday  on the snowy continent of Antarctica... But one day they go on the biggest adventure of their life and learn there is NO FEAR HERE!